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JWK Safaris is owned and operated by Adriaan Wepener, Carl Knight, and Jono Joseph, who are big-game hunting outfitters, hunting agents, and professional hunters who specialize in Southern Africa. We have hunted and fished extensively in South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe all our lives; moreover, Johannesburg, South Africa, has been our home all our lives.  We understand Southern Africa.

JWK Safaris is part of a consortium of licensed and registered hunting outfitter companies that are market leaders in free-range, fair-chase hunting.  Our track record at JWK Safaris spans over eleven years of full-time work in the hunting industry, and during that time we have booked and/or guided over 400 big-game hunts. To see the photos from these hunts, please visit the big-game gallery on our website http://www.jwksafaris.com/hunting

We are not a South African company operating in Zimbabwe or Namibia; we are specialist/veteran hunting agents who book hunts for Zimbabwean, Namibian, and South African professional hunters and operators. These professional hunters and operators belong to the same hunting consortium as JWK Safaris.

The following is a brief overview of each country where we offer hunts. For more detailed information about the individual concessions, please follow the relevant country tabs on our website: www.jwksafaris.com


This Southern African country can only be described as the best hunting destination in Africa; of that fact there is no doubt in our minds. We have personally hunted in every African country open to hunting—from Tanzania all the way south to the very bottom of Africa. To us, Zimbabwe remains the No. 1 big-game hunting destination on offer to our clients.

Zimbabwe offers only free-range, fair-chase hunting, and there are no fences in any of our concession areas.  Our open and unfenced concession areas directly adjoin national parks that serve as feeder parks to the hunting areas. These hunting areas are owned by either the Zimbabwean government or local communities that lease the land to the local operators whom we represent.

Our Zimbabwean concessions are fantastic for all big-game hunts, for these are serious-hunter hunts in big-game country. We book on average sixty big-game hunts a year in Zimbabwe and have done so for some years now. It’s not our intention to upset other operators or PHs . . . however, we believe that we are well qualified to inform you that there is NO BETTER hunting destination in Africa than Zimbabwe for free-range, fair-chase big-game hunting. Come and see for yourself.


It is fair to say that Namibia is the most popular tourism destination in Africa currently, in addition to being a great hunting destination. There is so much to see and experience in a safe and tranquil environment it seems evident to us that “Namibia is Africa in one country.”

Experience the sand dunes of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, the seals, the dolphins, the pelicans, the oysters, and the picturesque little towns; or visit the spectacular Fish River Canyon—our personal favourite Namibian eco-tourism destination.  Then, of course, there is Etosha National Park, which is a must-visit destination, as is Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.  Combine all these and more into a perfectly safe tourism destination, and there you have Namibia.

Should you wish to do any eco-tourism excursions in Namibia, we have German- and English-speaking tour guides that are Namibian based, and we will put you in contact with them to arrange tours before or after your hunt with us.  For example, wonderful hikes through Fish River Canyon can be arranged; in fact, Carl Knight of JWK Safaris and our friend Zimbabwe PH Simon Dzingai did the full 85-kilometre, 5-day hike through the Fish River Canyon in 2018. If something a little less strenuous is more appealing, we can arrange for you to see and experience the beauty of the canyon from above.  If you are able to do the hike, however, we recommend it wholeheartedly.

South Africa

As we said earlier, we (the JWK owners) grew up in South Africa and still live in Johannesburg. Knowing the country and its hunting as well as we do, we have to say that hunting in South Africa is not what it was when we were growing up. There is no “maybe” about that. We feel Namibia is more like South Africa used to be when we were younger; moreover, Namibia is how South Africa should be as a hunting destination, at least as far as plains-game hunting goes.  South Africa has lost most of its international hunting clientele for reasons you will understand as you read through this short essay. South Africa is a destination with high-fenced hunting areas, and even the “free-range” hunts adjoining the national parks are “soft hunts.” These types of hunts are not of any interest to us and will not appeal to the purist hunter.

We at JWK don’t believe that bulls should/could be eco-tourism bulls one day then hunting bulls the next, nor do we see the trophy value in hunting young nontrophy elephant bulls on Cities export quota at ridiculous prices.  We also cannot ignore the back fencing and gates you drive through to hunt in these expensive “free-range” areas that are literally littered with tourism lodges and eco-tourists.

On this basis and the list goes on, we don’t sell these hunts. Our advice is if you want real free-range, fair-chase, free-roaming hunts, RSA is not the place for you.  On the other hand, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, northern Namibia/Caprivi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Botswana (if Botswana opens hunting again) all have free-range, big-game hunting and all would be better options.

Even so, there are still some good hunting opportunities to be found on certain hunting farms in RSA that cost a fortune to buy and cost a lot to run and maintain. If you would like a hunt in a 4- or 5-star luxury lodge with all the amenities of a city apartment such as electricity, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms, waiters, cooks, massage, gym, swimming pools, camp managers, paid entertainers, 5-course gourmet meals, etc., then RSA is the place for you.  If you are advanced in years, then RSA is the place for you, and if you are of limited mobility then RSA is the place for you.  RSA would also be ideal for family hunting holidays and for young children just learning to hunt.

If you choose to book a hunt in RSA, look out for the following when making your decision:  There should be a minimum of 5,000 hectares on the farm and it should have no internal camps; there should be no driving to different farms all day long to hunt from small camps; and there should be no ear tags on the animals and no breeding program on the farm. If you are after a buffalo, make sure that no bulls will be selected for hunting and that no bulls of inferior genes will be hunted. (These are bulls that farmers want you to take out of their breeding programs, and this is really an insult to expect a client to hunt on that basis. After all, we hunt for the “big boys.”)  Make sure there are no “delivered-for-hunting” bulls.

If you can get that right, you can have a good hunt in RSA, and, yes, there are some good PHs in RSA and some honest outfitters.  If you would like the option to hunt in two of the best areas in RSA, then follow the links to the two RSA hunting areas that JWK Safaris offers.  These are:

   Limpopo Serengeti at 10,000 hectares   http://www.jwksafaris.com/limpopo-serengeti-lodge


   Philippolis at 14,000 hectares   http://www.jwksafaris.com/free-state-philippolis-lodge.

Both are very nice high-fenced farms that are as close to free range as you will get in RSA. Both offer fair-chase hunting, and both tick as many of the above boxes as possible. Please note that ticking them all may be a bridge too far for today’s South African hunting.

Again, in fairness to our countrymen, we must say that there are other good RSA hunting areas that we don’t offer—just be sure to ask the right questions. There are no Hemingway-style safaris available in RSA. There are those who will not like what we are saying, but they cannot say our words are untrue.


We are 100 percent committed to offering our clients from all over the world bookings into the top Zimbabwean, Namibian, and South African hunting concessions.  We match the strength of the area for the species to the list of animals the client wishes to hunt.  We know which areas are better for elephants and which are not; the same goes for sable, lion, buffalo, leopard, and so on.  We don’t offer marginal areas because our hunts are well researched by us—we either hunt or we guide in the areas before we offer them to our clients, so we know what’s there and what works. Well-priced, top-quality hunts is what we do.

When you book with JWK Safaris, you can be assured that you will be hunting in top concessions with the best PHs. We are committed to selling only those hunts that we ourselves would buy, and our strict hunt selection process rules out any marginal hunts or marginal outfitters.  We only book hunts with licensed and registered safari outfitters and professional hunters.  We, ourselves, are all licensed safari outfitters and professional hunters as well as big-game booking agents. Because of our background and qualifications, we know exactly what is required to make your safari a successful one. We have all personally hunted the Big 5 and Dangerous 7 as clients and/or guides, and for most of the species in these groups we’ve hunted them many times over.

We know very well what you expect from your hunt and your professional hunter, so if you want a no-nonsense approach to booking your dream hunt, contact us at www.jwksafaris.com.   We always offer you, our valued clients, the best possible deal on your safari.

Whilst you are perusing our website, please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter and read some of our past newsletters. Also take a look through our trophy gallery; we think it speaks for itself.  We have many glowing references from hunters who have booked hunts with or hunted with us in the areas where you will be hunting.

This company was started by hunters who had a passion for hunting, a passion for conservation, and a sincere love of this industry. Those very same hunters still run this company, and their passion burns as brightly as ever.

Hunters best wishes,

Adriaan, Carl, and Jono