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Windhoek, Namibia

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Theresa and John Belknap

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Makadi Safaris’ Statement on Fair Chase Hunting

Diethelm Metzger, Owner & Operator of Makadi Safaris

“We are dedicated to ensuring not only that the hunter will have a pleasant and memorable hunt with a trophy that he/she can be proud of but also that the game will be taken under fair chase hunting conditions .”

“Our conduct affects the attitude of the neutral person toward trophy hunting and that, in turn, greatly influences the future of hunting.”

“We live up to the notion that hunting is applied conservation.”


These concepts underlie the philosophy of Makadi Safaris and its thoughts on fair-chase hunting. The common denominator is the HUNT.  We pride ourselves on being a Fair Chase Outfitter. In practice, a vehicle is used only to get into the hunting area. Hunting areas are large so as to ensure that the game has a fair chance of hiding or escaping. Once in the hunting area, we either find a vantage point from where we can spot game or we just walk through the bush until we find game. Once a trophy animal is spotted, a proper stalk will be initiated to get within shooting range. It is the responsibility of the professional hunter to judge whether an animal qualifies as a trophy and to indicate which animal to shoot. A trophy animal is a mature animal that has lived past its prime!  Once the animal is hunted, we follow all the traditional German “Waidmannsheil” rules of ethical hunting.

Game is respected at all times, and our behaviour toward it is without reproach!