Advisory Board

Dirk de Bod

Dirk was raised on a cattle ranch in northern Namibia. His dad was a passionate and dedicated hunter, and that sparked Dirk’s lifelong love of hunting and wildlife. In the early days of his professional career, Dirk purchased a piece of land in Namibia and began to reintroduce indigenous game onto it with the idea of offering trophy hunts. His combined skill with firearms and his knowledge of the African bush has resulted in a very successful career, and he now has concessions throughout Namibia. Dirk, who has hunted professionally for twenty-eight years and has harvested many very high-scoring animals for his clients and himself over that time, has received considerable recognition and numerous prestigious awards for his valuable contributions to the profession.

Dirk has been a measurer for Rowland Ward since 1995; he is also master measurer for SCI.

Dirk has been married for twenty-seven years, and he and his wife have been blessed with two children. 


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