Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game

31st Edition

Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia and South Pacific


The next edition of Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game will be published in Fall 2024.  All entries for the 31st edition must be received by 1 March 2023.  The 31st edition will consist out of two volumes; volume 1 Africa and volume 2 Americas, Europe, Asia and South Pacific.

As with the 30th edition we will publish photos in the 31st of the higher scoring heads.  We have a strict photo policy in regards to ethics and aesthetics;  we specifically discourage hero shots, and we will reject all photos that are of:

  1. Poor taste.
  2. Low quality. We will not accept anything less than 300 dpi and an image of 5 inches wide.  In metric, we need 12 dot/mm and a photo of 11 centimeters wide.
  3. Inappropriate behavior.

The layout of the book will be totally redone and the order for the animals will be organized according to traditional methods used by naturalists and hunters as well as by biological kinship.  

If you have field photos of what you believe to be a top head and you wish to have them published in the next edition, please contact Rowland Ward. We will instruct you on how to send us your images.

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