Records of Big Game

Guiding Principles, Measuring Instructions, Minimums, and Measurers

Guiding Principles on Hunting and Conservation, click here. (PDF)

Rules Concerning Fenced Animals, click here(PDF)

Rowland Ward’s Measuring Handbook, click here. (PDF)

List of Official Rowland Ward measurers click here. (PDF) Interactive Map here.

Minimums/Records Africa and methods used, click here. (PDF)

Minimums North and South America and methods used, click here. (PDF)

Minimums Europe, Asia, and South Pacific and methods used, click here. (PDF)

Rowland Ward measurer application click here. (PDF)

Method Forms

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Method 1-a Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt, and Tule Elk; Alshansk, Izubur/Manchurian, Siberian, and Tian Shan Marals.

Method 1-b Asian and European Red Deer. Includes all red deer from Europe, Asia Minor (Turkey), the entire Caucasus Mountains, and all of Asia. Also includes introduced red deer from the South Pacific and South America

Method 1-d White-Tailed Deer, All Varieties

Method 1-e Mule and Black-Tailed Deer

Method 1-f Deer with 3×3 or 4×4 Typical Frames. Includes Axis or Chital, Bawean, Calamian, Hog, Manchurian Roe, Pampas, Rusa, Sambar, Siberian Roe, Sika Deer, and Visayan Deer

Method 1-g European Roe Deer

Method 1-h Deer without Crowning: Barasingha/Swamp, Eld’s, Huemul, Marsh, Schomburgk’s, Taruca, and White-Lipped Deer

Method 1-i Pere David Deer

Method 1-j Muntjac, Brocket, and Pudu

Method 2 Caribou and Reindeer

Method 3 European and Persian Fallow

Method 4-a Palmated Moose, Giant Deer (Irish Elk)

Method 4-b Unpalmated (Cervine) Moose

Method 5 All Pigs and Hippopotami

Method 6 Walrus, Water Deer, and Musk Deer  

Method 7-a Antelopes of Africa and Asia including blackbuck and addax. (For the African Spiral Horned antelope see Method 8).

Method 7-b Chamois; Chiltan Wild Goat (sometimes called Markhor); Goral; Ibex (True and Spanish); Pasang/Bezoar/Sindh; Rocky Mountain Goat; Serow; Tahr; Western and Central Turs


Method 7-c Eastern Turs, Aoudads, and Bharal (Blue Sheep)

Method 8 Spiral-Horned Antelopes (Giant and Common Eland; Bongo; Mountain and Southern Nyala; Sitatunga; Bushbuck; Greater and Lesser Kudu)

Method 9 Pronghorn Antelope

Method 10 European, American, and Asian Wild Cattle and Takin. American bison, European Bison or Wisent, Water Buffalo, Tamarau, Anoa, Gaur, Gayal, Banteng, Kouprey, Saola, Yak, and Takin

Method 11 Muskox

Method 12-a Cape, Nile, and Central African Buffaloes

Method 12-b West African Buffaloes and Dwarf Buffaloes

Method 13-a Cookson’s, White-Bearded, and Nyasaland Wildebeests; Brindled Gnu

Method 13-b White-tailed Gnu / Black Wildebeest

Method 14 All True Wild Sheep (Ovis)

Method 15 Markhor

Method 16 Rhinoceroses from Africa and Asia

Method 17 African and Asian Elephants and Mammoths

Method 18 Skulls of All Cats, Chevrotains, Hyenas, Javelinas (Peccaries), Wolverines, and Wolves

Method 19 All Crocodilians; Nile, Salt Water, Mugger (Marsh) Crocodiles and American Alligator