Fair Chase Outfitters

Below are listed what we at Rowland Ward consider the finest and best outfitters Africa has to offer.  Each outfitter has a top-notch team of trackers, gunbearers, and camp staff that are vital to a good safari.  Each is a consummate professional who has operated in Africa for decades and who is respected by his peers, clients, and competitors.

These outfitters share many things in common:  They care deeply for the conservation of wildlife, and they want to see Africa’s flora and fauna and its local people prosper in the twenty-first century.  They are invested in helping the local population manage wildlife so that those who live close to hunting areas can realize the benefits from sport hunting.  These outfitters believe in fair-chase hunting, and if you obtain a trophy—note we did not say “when you obtain a trophy”—with them, it is well earned.

When you are privileged to go on a safari with one of these outfitters, you will have the best possible fair-chase safari that Africa has to offer.  We are deeply gratified and very pleased to list these exceptional professionals here on our site.

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Duke Safaris


Robin Hurt Safaris

Gary Kelly Safaris



Michel Mantheakis Safaris Ltd.


Phalafala Safaris



Wintershoek Safaris