Advisory Board

Corey Mason

Corey Mason is the executive director and CEO of the Dallas Safari Club (DSC), which is a leading international conservation organization, and a member of the IUCN.  As executive director and CEO, Corey oversees the execution of DSC’s staff, programs, growth, and mission.  He works extensively with federal and international delegations, policy makers, and like-minded conservation organizations to support conservation and the demonstrated benefits of the conservation-through-hunting model. 

Prior to his work at DSC, he had a sixteen-year career with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department where he held the positions of regional director, program leader, and management area biologist.  His duties required him to interact with other conservation organizations, legislators, universities, media, and federal and state agencies. 

Corey is a published author, including both popular and peer-reviewed scientific articles.  He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® and holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in wildlife management. 

Lastly, Corey has hunted across much of the western United States and in Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.


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