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The Finest Hunting Safaris for the Discerning Hunter

In 1895 my grandfather Emmanuel Mantheakis left the Greek island of Crete to come to Tanzania, what was then called German East Africa.

My maternal grandfather, John Kazamias, arrived in 1905. Both my grandfather and my father were passionate hunters, making me the third-generation hunter. A legacy I take pride in and a passion I share with my children….”

Michel Mantheakis


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Company Profile

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 


Michel Mantheakis Safaris Ltd. (MMS) is a family-owned company established in 2010 and operated by my wife, Nicole, and myself.

After previously having been involved in the hectic day-to-day running of Miombo Safaris and its sister company Kilombero North Safaris, the hunting company that I founded, owned, and operated for 17 years, we had plenty of time to reflect and analyze the successes and failures from the past 20 years of outfitting in setting up MMS. This put us in a unique position to focus and channel our efforts into creating another top-quality trophy hunting company with a strong conservation conscience, offering services on an even higher level.

In order to present our clients with the best possible trophy opportunities and maximum luxury safari experience, we will continue to field the minimum number of safaris in our areas per season. This will enable us to pursue our signature approach of maximum anti-poaching and conservation effort to ensure optimum results for our clients. We have proven time and again that this strategy is very successful. Not only does it improve the wildlife population and its habitat in our concessions, but also the quality of the trophy hunting.

By promoting ethical hunting together with conservation, we aim at marketing our safaris to the discerning hunters. Those who care about conservation and prefer to hunt with an outfitter who not only works tirelessly to get best quality trophies, but who also truly believes in and practices conservation rather than just claiming to. The combination of my academic background in zoology and wildlife science, a passion for hunting and conservation, and 28-years of reputable hunting experience in Tanzania that is backed by an efficient administration has maintained our position at the forefront of Tanzania’s hunting industry.

Anybody can offer you a trophy hunt, but only a few will offer you a great trophy hunt. Few are the outfitters who will give you that memorable safari experience, one that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you spent your money wisely and earned you the heartwarming pride that you also invested in conservation and, thus, the survival of the sport you so cherish―hunting

The choice is yours. . . .

Michel Mantheakis

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“I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”   

Oscar Wilde

We pride ourselves on our history of running luxurious camps with an unrivaled personal service and the finest cuisine. Whether that be succulent game, meat, or seafood, all our delicious meals are complemented by fresh vegetables, a fine selection of South African wines, a variety of spirits, and ice cold, thirst-quenching beverages. Whilst you reminisce around the campfire, our cooks will be putting the final touches to yet another superb meal. Meals will be served in our comfortable, romantic dining area, though often dinner will be served under the enchanting star-filled African sky.

Your large, luxurious, and well-ventilated insect-proof tent was designed for your utmost comfort and is situated to provide you both privacy and a scenic view. Elegantly furnished to evoke the ambiance and the romance of the East Africa of bygone days, your tent will have a large en-suite bathroom with both hot and cold running water, shower, and flush toilet―your home away from home.

In order to enhance your hunting opportunities and experience, freshly prepared picnic lunches will be served to you in the shade of the great African savannah.

With your well-being in mind and in keeping with our standards of luxury, our camp amenities include solar panels and battery bank, power inverters with the possibility to charge camera, batteries, laptops, and telephones, deep freezers and fridges, a back-up generator, HF and VHF 2-way radio communication systems, satellite phones, and comprehensive first-aid kits. Solar powered lamps combined with the classical hurricane lanterns provide lighting all around the camp and in your tent. Daily laundry service will be available throughout your stay.

As of the 2017 season, we have 4×4, specially modified hunting vehicles, well equipped with a car-fridge, first-aid emergency kit, a 2-way radio communication system, and VHF hand-held radios to ensure efficient communications with camp.


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…Every person has the duty to protect the natural resources of the United Republic of Tanzania…”

Article 27 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania


For us, trophy hunting and conservation is one thing. As custodians of our natural inheritance, what gives us the right to hunt is the continuous commitment and determination to protect and conserve the wildlife and its habitat. We should never disregard this moral obligation.

Few hunting companies in Tanzania can match the successful anti-poaching track record and wildlife population recovery achieved in the concessions that I have managed in the past. It is not a matter of just spending money in anti-poaching, but rather one of being motivated in conducting it in an intelligent and determined manner. One can spend a lot of money in anti-poaching and achieve very little while others, just to please or impress their client, claim they do anti-poaching whereas they actually don’t do and don’t care.

What it takes is dedication, great enthusiasm for the task, and taking pride in the achievements that create the best results in anti-poaching and conservation. In my 28 years of professional hunting, I consider my biggest professional accomplishments as not only the great trophies I got my clients, but also the great achievements I made in anti-poaching and conservation.

After all, we are what we repeatedly do.


“All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke



Lake Natron West Game Control Area

After a fantastic second season that, again, far exceeded our expectations, this concession indeed proves to be one of Tanzania’s greatest hunting areas. The combination of an excellent hunt for a wide diversity of Masai species, set in a stunning landscape, makes this hunting concession an absolute gem.

The concession starts at the top of the Great Rift Valley on the borders of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area and the forest highlands, then dramatically drops on the Rift Valley into the spectacular open plains, dotted with plains game and dominated by the towering “O’ldonyo Lengai” (the legendary Masai “Mountain of God”). This still-active volcano stands next to “Kiserian,” which is another striking volcano. From there, the concession descends over undulating plains and small craters to the acacia woodlands and the barren shores of Lake Natron, a soda lake teeming with flamingoes. It then runs along the western shores all the way to the Kenyan border. The awesome natural beauty of the concession is is a real bonus for a non-hunting participant as well.

On view are the magnificent waterfalls and the dramatic Rift Valley Escarpments, the volcanoes, and the thick mountain forests, the spectacular viewing points from which to see the endless undulating volcanic plains, barren soda flats, and the lake filled with pink flamingos. Here you can hunt enormous leopards, fringe-eared oryx, lesser kudu, gerenuk, Grant’s gazelle, Robert’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelles, buffaloes, Chandlers’ mountain reedbuck, bohor reedbuck, Patterson’s eland, East African impala, Kirk’s dik-dik, Coke’s hartebeest, klipspringer, and steinbuck. Our concession even has fossilized prehistoric humanoid footprints in rocks near the lake, which is a must see for every visitor.

There are also great bird-shooting opportunities to complement any trophy-hunting safari.

For those who are fit and wanting to revive the magnificent safari experience of a bygone era, we offer the opportunity to explore this awe-inspiring countryside the way John Hunter and Karamojo Bell did―by foot safari. Imagine hunting on foot in dramatic breathtaking scenery while a caravan of donkeys loaded with your light camping equipment, water, and your trophies, follows your hunting party at a respectable distance of a few kilometers, escorted by our professional camp staff and Masai warriors. In order to reach new hunting grounds that have not yet been picked over, your camp will change location every day or two.

Combining great trophy hunting with the romance and adventure of foot safaris is an unforgettable experience and will make you yearn to repeat the safari. Our first foot safaris proved to be just that: unforgettable.

Being in proximity to Arusha allows for an inexpensive, beautiful 3- to 4-hour transfer by car to camp. Last, but certainly not least is the chance to visit the best game viewing parks in Africa, namely Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Park in the near vicinity, and then there is Lake Natron South West Game Control Area, which offers you a great opportunity to combine top quality game viewing with your big-game hunting safari.

This undeniably is the ideal hunting and holiday destination you would want to share with your friends and family.