RW Fair Chase Hunting and Conservation Award

The RW Fair Chase Hunting & Conservation Award is given once a year by the Rowland Ward Foundation for an outstanding old animal that has been hunted free-range and under fair-chase conditions. Only one award is given for each of these four regions: Africa, Americas, Asia and the South Pacific, and Europe.

To qualify, the animals must be taken under strict, fair-chase hunting from a self-sustaining, breeding population, and the animal must be hunted legally and in accordance with the game laws of the country.  The award winner must be a strong supporter of conservation and sustainable hunting and must exhibit exemplary ethics while in the field.

In order to qualify:

  1. The trophy must have been measured, submitted, and accepted for Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game.
  2. The trophy must have been hunted under the fair-chase conditions as set out in Rowland Ward’s Guiding Principles on Hunting and Conservation. Click here
  3. The deadline for submission is 31 August of each year. Any animal submitted to Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game during the period of 1 September of the previous year to 31 August of the current year will be considered. There is no cost for entering beyond the registration fee for submitting the trophy to Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game.   Winners are announced in Rowland Ward, Sports Afield and Game Trails magazines and on

The four yearly winners are chosen by a panel of judges at the Rowland Ward Foundation. The medallion with ribbon can be collected at the Rowland Ward booth during the Dallas Safari Club convention, which is normally held in January. If the award winner is not present, the award will be shipped to that person.  Any costs of shipping and/or duties and taxes is the responsibility of the winner.