UPDATE: United Against Canned Lion Shooting

7 major hunting & conservation organizations have now signed a joint statement on Captive bred lions.

– by Paul Hunter

Rowland Ward joins other conservation groups in taking a stand against the shooting of captive-bred lions.

Rowland Ward Ltd. has united with several highly regarded international conservation groups to take a firm stand against the practice of captive-bred lion shooting. The shooting of lions bred in captivity not only has no conservation benefit, but also it is extremely damaging to the reputation of hunters and to sustainable hunting around the world.

Last month, the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) and Dallas Safari Club’s (DSC) published a joint statement on captive bred lion shooting.

Rowland Ward joined immediately and since that time a total of 7 major hunting-conservation organizations have joined as co-signatories such as the International Professional Hunters’ Association (IPHA), the African Operators’ and Professional Hunters’ Associations of Africa (OPHAA), and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA).  To read the statement, see below.