Community Project Update: Cameroon – Mayo Oldiri Safaris

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Community Project Update: Cameroon – Mayo Oldiri Safaris


Cameroon is a country located in West-Central Africa and is home to a diverse array of wildlife. However, much of its wildlife and habitat face numerous threats, including poaching, habitat destruction, and human-wildlife conflict. To address these challenges, the Rowland Ward Foundation is working with Mayo Oldiri Safaris in northeastern Cameroon around Bouba Ndjida National Park to help fund community outreach programs, a hospital, and antipoaching patrols. All these programs fall under the Foundation’s mission to conserve the world’s large mammals, protect their habitat, and support the local indigenous people living nearby to hunting areas.


Now for some really exciting news! Mayo Oldiri is currently building a new primary school in the village of Mbila, located in the North Region of Cameroon; the clearing visible in the picture above is the site of the new school.

As shown in the photos below, the school is being constructed using mud bricks that are made from locally sourced clay in the area. Once the mud bricks are formed, the blocks are then set out to dry in the sun until they are solid enough for construction.  The new school will provide a much-needed facility for the local children. As well as providing an elementary education, the children will also be supplied with materials that show the importance of conserving and protecting the natural habitat and animals in their area.

Building the primary school is essential for the well-being of the people in the area and one that requires a lot of effort and dedication.  Mayo Oldiri’s team is working tirelessly to complete this project, including purchasing all the additional materials necessary, including cement, and wood integral to the structure, as well as much more, in order to ensure the success of the venture.

In addition to building schools, Mayo Oldiri Safaris works closely with local communities to promote sustainable hunting practices and reduce human-wildlife conflict. Its commitment is truly inspiring and serves as an excellent example of how to make a positive impact in the lives of local communities and how to engage those people to conserve and protect their wildlife and its habitat.

The area around Bouba Ndjida National Park is home to a wide range of wildlife, including elephants, lions, giraffes, giant elands, leopards, buffaloes, and numerous antelopes, but, like most areas in Africa, it is under threat from poachers. In an effort to eliminate this threat, Mayo Oldiri has established an antipoaching team that works tirelessly to locate and neutralize snares and other traps. Mayo Oldiri’s outreach program also sponsors antipoaching education in the surrounding villages to the park; this program enlists the help of local village chiefs in its efforts to raise awareness about the damage caused by poaching.

The Rowland Ward Foundation also supports Mayo Oldiri’s efforts to provide medical care to the local population. Spanish doctors volunteer their services during the dry season to a clinic stocked by surplus hospital materials from Europe. The Foundation’s funding not only helps provide these materials for Mayo Oldiri’s medical efforts but also makes it possible for these doctors to volunteer their services every year.

Cameroon’s wildlife and habitat face numerous threats, but the Rowland Ward Foundation is working to protect them. From building schools to promoting sustainable hunting and tourism, we are making a significant impact in Cameroon’s conservation efforts. By engaging with local communities and promoting sustainable development, we are ensuring that Cameroon’s wildlife and habitats are protected for generations to come.

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