“Unveiling the Remarkable History of Rowland Ward: A Journey of Conservation and Legacy”












In an exclusive interview on the international podcast Jagdzeit, Ludo Wurfbain delves into the fascinating journey that is Rowland Ward.  As director of the Rowland Ward Foundation, he shares the captivating history of Rowland Ward from its beginnings in London in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to where it stands today as a renowned nonprofit foundation. Ludo’s passion and vision for the Foundation sheds light on the importance of responsible hunting, habitat protection, and community involvement.

Rowland Ward, a name synonymous with wildlife conservation, hunting, and the preservation of our natural heritage, has come a long way since its inception. Ludo emphasizes in the podcast the Foundation’s commitment to conservation and sustainable hunting practices, and he describes how Rowland Ward has evolved over the years. Over the last nearly century and a half, Rowland Ward’s influence in the field of international big-game hunting burgeoned because of its iconic and enduring Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game, now in its thirtieth edition. Times change, however, and as director, Ludo decided to take Rowland Ward Ltd. into an entirely new and noncommercial direction. Today the Rowland Ward Foundation is dedicated to preserving wildlife and wildlife habitats worldwide.

During the podcast, Ludo shares news of the Foundation’s work with community conservation. He describes how the Foundation actively supports antipoaching and community projects near hunting areas in Congo, Tajikistan, Cameroon, and Canada. These projects aim to ensure that local indigenous communities benefit from sustainable, fair-chase hunting while simultaneously contributing to the conservation of their native wildlife and habitat. It is an approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of humans and nature.

The Foundation’s collaboration with community conservation is a testament to its commitment to making a difference and ensuring a thriving future for both wildlife and those living in communities that rely on it. By actively engaging with local communities, the Rowland Ward Foundation aims to foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship toward the natural resources local communities depend on.

Looking ahead, there are exciting prospects for the Rowland Ward Foundation in 2024. With new projects in the pipeline, the Foundation’s impact is set to expand even further. These initiatives will continue to involve antipoaching measures, innovative approaches to conservation, community engagement, educational and medical support, and sustainable hunting practices, all of which are aimed at preserving our natural heritage for generations to come.

As showcased in the podcast, the Rowland Ward Foundation is at the forefront of the fight to protect wildlife, habitats, and the communities that depend on them. Ludo believes that together we can make a difference and ensure a future where responsible hunting and the preservation of our natural heritage go hand in hand.


Listen to the Podcast here:

The introduction begins in German, but the interview is in English. Take the time to listen; it’s an amazing interview!