Board of Directors

Ludo J. Wurfbain

Ludo J. Wurfbain was born in the Netherlands. He comes from a family that has brought forth hunters in every generation for the last 150 years. He started hunting with his father in the Netherlands at a very early age for ducks, pheasants, hares, rabbits, and partridges. At sixteen he shot his first roe deer. He started hunting North American game when he came to California in 1980 to attend university, and he made his first trip to Africa in 1987. Since that time he has hunted in many diverse places such as Louisiana for snipe, Cameroon for elephant, Alaska for Dall sheep, India for ducks, and Kazakhstan for ibex. 

In 2016 he began working with Rowland Ward to encourage benefits from hunting for local populations living in wilderness areas and at the same time advocating fair chase and conservation-based hunting.

Mr. Wurfbain’s other hobbies include skiing, hunting for good deals in antique furniture, and, of course, collecting books.  

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