Garry Kelly Safaris

For over five decades, Garry Kelly Safaris has proudly upheld its position as a frontrunner in the hunting industry, with a legacy that stretches back to 1970.  We operate on exclusive and prime hunting concessions throughout South Africa. These comprise of some of the finest hunting areas in Southern Africa and Africa, producing an abundance of trophy specimens.

Not only has the company become internationally renowned for its exceptional quality in trophies and incomparable hospitality, it has also earned a highly respected reputation for ethical hunting practices and honesty in client dealings at every level.


Being of Irish decent, the Kelly family settled in South Africa in 1816. Garry Kelly was born in Swaziland in 1952 and was brought up in a family who loved the outdoors and travelled extensively across Africa. From a young boy, Garry had a passion for the outdoors and an enthusiasm for hunting. He has always held the belief that hunting has played, and will continue to play, a crucial role in the survival of African wildlife.

Garry’s hunting career began in October 1970, when he first moved up to Zululand to work as a ranger for Norman Deane Zululand Safaris. Garry’s reputation attracted international clientele, and within a few years he was recognized as one of South Africa’s leading Professional Hunters.

Fifty-three years on, Garry together with his sons Sean and Cullen, runs one of Africa’s largest continually operating, family hunting, safari and tourism companies.

“It has always been our passion to provide each client with not only ‘the hunt’, but a truly memorable wildlife experience.

Fifty-three years on, Garry, together with his dedicated sons, Sean and Cullen, stands at the helm of one of Africa’s most prominent and enduring family-run enterprises in the realm of hunting, safari, and tourism. Their company has emerged as one of the continent’s largest and most trusted names in the industry, earning a reputation for excellence and commitment. “It has always been our passion to provide each client with not only ‘the hunt’, but a truly memorable wildlife experience.”

“We are privileged to share our incredible continent and its abundant wildlife with all who wish to experience it. Without hunting there would be no conservation, and without conservation there would be no wildlife”

Their unwavering dedication is not merely about ‘the hunt,’ but rather about crafting unforgettable wildlife experiences for every client. It is this deep-seated passion for the wilderness and its majestic inhabitants that has been the driving force behind their enduring success, and their clients can always expect a truly extraordinary adventure.


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