Phalafala Safaris

Phalafala Safaris

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Phalafala Safaris is a unique African hunting and safari destination based in the Northern Limpopo Province of South Africa, south of the Limpopo River and north of the majestic Soutpansberg mountain range. Here you can experience the awe-inspiring serenity of the wild African bush along with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Sun-soaked skies and sizzling sunsets cap the safari experience.


Phalafala Safaris has been developed to cater to the discerning safari hunter, and our highly skilled and professional team offers the best African safari experience possible. The safari “sizzle” is coupled with dazzling decadence in the two camp settings, allowing us to tailor a unique and exclusive hunting safari for distinguished clients.


Embracing and managing a sustainable ecosystem and utilizing a skilled staff representing Africa’s unique diversity, Phalafala Safaris aspires to achieve for our discerning clientele the ultimate safari hunting experience within the context of fair chase hunting criteria and walk-and-stalk principles. Phalafala Safaris offers all of this and more while maintaining our commitment to the environment and mutual respect and reciprocation with our local community.




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